Intro to the course

Welcome to ZOMBIE INSPIRATION!!! This is a course like no other, a course designed to help you lift yourself above the masses, to reach your full potential.

And it's done using zombies as inspiration.

I know, I know, it sounds weird, but hear me out ... see, we do what everyone else does. We follow the crowd. And so we get the same results.

To get what others don't, you have to do what others won't.

I love zombies, no doubt. I also love goal setting and being determined and giving 100% and eating what's good for me and ... yep, THAT'S WHAT ZOMBIES DO TOO!

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources, and if we don't write off anything, we can have everything. I'm on a journey to find my greatest self, as a creator and as a person, and I hope you are too.

The video below these words goes into more detail on all of this.

Workbook reference: Page 1-2

Read ZI Intro FULL.pdf